Dinner at the (Late Night) Diner

Friday May 3rd 2013. We went to dinner at the new Late Night Diner on Ponsonby Road. Had heard good things and we’re always interested in seeing how these new “trendy” eateries handle us oldies (over 60!!). The diner was fairly full when we arrived (without a booking – not sure whether they take them!) and after a bit of initial confusion about seating we ended up quite satisfactorily placed at the counter stools to the left when you enter – with a view out the window into the entrance to Ponsonby Social Club with a parade of friday night revellers.

Menus and water arrived promptly, waiting staff were attentive and helpful. we had the bacon balls and fish pieces as entrees (yummy) and the bacon & cheese burger & fish pie for mains (both yummy). The fish pie is just that so next time we’ll have a salad side. Only very small negative – the chips with the burger were luke warm.

Overall we thought – really good for what it is – reminded us a bit of the old D72 in Dominion Rd. Reasonably priced, good service (even for us oldies) and a good dose of 70s music to go with it all. We’ll be back.


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