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Orphans Kitchen: It’s fantastic – if you’re game!

We’ve been meaning to go to this new Ponsonby Rd eatery for some time now having been given a voucher for my bday!

So we went last Friday night and what a treat. Tom & Josh have done a wonderful job with the set up. I love the high tables & stools – it gives it a communal eating feel which is quite European but Kiwis don’t seem as keen on it, as you are, in effect, sharing what is a cosy space. More on that later.


It’s a small menu with 4 “smallers” and 4 “largers” and 2 desserts but this was not a problem. It was a menu which with my choices proved to be quite gamey and delightfully so.

For smallers Deb had the ora smoked salmon, celeriac, granny smith and horseradish which she pronounced as somewhere between delicious and sublime. I had the alpine merino tortilla, feijoa, millet & sheep’s milk yoghurt which I pronounced delectable. You don’t come across hogget on a menu very often but it was beautifully cooked and of a mild gamey flavour which made the dish quite unique. Sorry about the photo below – I’d eaten the first tortilla before I remembered to take the photo!!


For mains, sorry largers, Deb had the beef rump with aubergine, black garlic & backa which was very tasty. I had one of the tastiest meals I have ever had with the wild boar boilup, kumara, doughboys, watercress and flax seeds. It was sensational. Served in a large bowl in the cooking juices, they give you a spoon to get the last drop. Again, on the nice side of gamey, or was that pleasantly smokey.


There were two sides to choose from so we had one of each: Tina’s wedge salad and kumara chips with smoked sour cream. The wedge salad is in the photo above – Tina had obviously smashed open the iceberg lettuce and poured a delicious dressing over it.

Two desserts so we had one of each. A divine dark Valrhona chocolate, tamarillo, black cardamon and …oops took a photo of the dessert menu and missed out the bit after “and” haha, and a TDF Banofee with young coconut and banana.

Choccy Pud

Banofee Pud

For me the meal was 11 out of 10. Such wonderful tastes and eclectic combinations. Friendly and attentive service (thanks Ana) and it was nice to see Josh on the floor serving and chatting – you don’t see enough of that in Ponsonby restaurants – but that’s another subject for a blog posting!! And I did a quick trip to the kitchen to thank Tom and team for the wonderful meal – not enough of that done either!

Oh and back to those communal tables. We had 3 couples on ours and we ended up having a most interesting chat to the ones nearest us. You can if you want to or not if you don’t. Sometimes it’s nice to share a conversation as well as a table.

And finally Tom tells me they’ll be changing the menu soon. I said leave the boilup on the menu or there’ll be trouble!!

Can’t wait to go back.


Andiamo: an oldie but a very goodie

It’s a while since we’ve been to Andiamo at 194 Jervois Rd Herne Bay. It’ll be a much shorter time before we go again. We had a lovely brunch there last Sunday. I did a quick google search before hand to check out the menu. Deb doesn’t like to do this – she likes the surprise of opening the menu and discovering all the good stuff there and then. I’m a Virgo so I like to peruse the offering in advance. Actually Deb’s a Virgo too!!! Oh well each to their own.

Anyway they have a wonderful Weekend Brunch menu.

I had the LAMB KIDNEYS sautéed with mushrooms and bacon, cream seeded mustard sauce, with toasted five grain. Absolutely divine.

The others had the MEDITERRANEAN TOAST – ciabatta with Manuka honey smoked bacon or smoked salmon, avocado, roasted vine tomatoes, basil pesto and fresh parmigiano. They said it was great.

Photos? Well actually I forgot, in my enthusiasm to get started, and only remembered after I’d finished. It was like a demolition derby!!

So the photo below is slightly gross but testimony to the delicious food served at this fine establishment. Something they’ve been doing for an amazing 29 years.


The service was professional, friendly and attentive. It’s a great spot for weekend brunch and competitively priced in case you were thinking that it might be a bit pricey. And it’s MUCH better than most of the other eating places on the strip. Very much a cut above.

I loved it and will be back soon. I might try the savoury mince next time!


Supreme: Just when you thought it couldn’t get better

It’s always been the go to place for great coffee but now Supreme/Good One Café at 42 Douglas Street Ponsonby has gone one better. Closed recently for a revamp the space has exploded to create a setting where (in their words) “the focus has moved from cafe to coffee with a specific brew bar and retail space taking centre stage”.

I was in there on the first day of the new look and it certainly impresses on first sight. I went in the old entrance…(apologies for photo quality – still haven’t quite mastered the iPhone camera – wish I could get them as good as

Old entrance

Old entrance

Instead of the new entrance

New entrance

New entrance

And was confronted with this. Big wow factor here. And the old communal table is still there you’ll be pleased to know.

photo 5

And this

photo 1

But wait there’s more

photo 3

Absolutely transformed and looking good. And still the same great team to provide the best coffee drinking experience in Auckland!! Other than Diz of course haha.

Good one Good One!



Mexico is here; Mimi you are a star

Mexico Ponsonby had it’s opening last night and was it a blast. Located just a few doors along from Juliette Hogan at 164 Ponsonby Rd it is a most welcome addition to the Ponsonby restaurant/bar scene adding a dimension that hitherto was missing from the local offerings.

Mimi and her team have done a fantastic job in creating the “Mexico” look in a smaller space and it works so well.

Anyway opening night saw the young and young turn out in force plus me – although I did find one other person in my demographic haha.

I arrived to be greeted by the bouncer (the omnipresent Matt Williams who I’ve known for all his life).  So far so good. Mimi in the background as it turns out.


However I didn’t reckon with the second line of defence, Uh oh as Oli would say.

“Oi you. I don’t recall your name being on the list?” says Mimi.


She didn’t really but it makes for a laugh. She was actually saying “Rebecca where are you”.

Those margaritas were to die for and I thought that’s what I was going to do after a couple of those babies – phew. The finger food was divine – especially that fried chicken – can’t get enough of that.


Mind you for a moment there I thought I was at Dizengoff when the Dizzies arrived. Jackie and Calla in shot; Troy and Dan not in shot.

Diz crew

Things were obviously starting to hot up at this stage so it was time for me to say buenas noches and wander off home.

Thanks for a great night Mimi and crew – can’t wait to go back for the full menu treatment.


A marriage made in heaven – Supreme and Little & Friday

What a joy it was today for Oli and I to go to Good One Café at 42 Douglas Street to not only have the best coffee in town but also to feast my eyes on their new range of goodies from Little & Friday. They’ve always been a friendly bunch at Good One and of course Sam is up for the Metro Barista of the Year. VOTE NOW

So much choice, so few calories allowed!

Anyway back to the treats and of course top of the list is the L&F doughnut. It is the best of the best – stuffed full of custard and jam.

They don't get better than this!

They don’t get better than this!

For those of us trying to do the 5 + 2 diet (yes I am so no LOL please) I’ve just blown my low calorie day in one bite. But worth it, as it’s so divine. Oli loved them as well.


As you will see from the photo there are other gorgeous goodies as well. Not to mention the yummy pies and toasted sarnies from the normal menu.

And to cap things off Good One Café are doing some renovations from Oct 7th to 12th so the space will be even better for the great range of products and services they provide. I understand coffee will still be served during the renovations

And finally I am so pleased with the new menu offerings as I don’t need to VOP to Newmarket to get my L&F doughnut.

Spring is here, summer fast approaching, life is good.