VOP – La Cigale “a touch of France on our doorstep”

On occasion we will venture outside Ponsonby (VOP) and in this instance it was for a family dinner last night. I’m a bit into French things at the moment and in fact this time next week we’ll be in Paris, but more about that later.

Elizabeth & Mike have done a fine job with the whole concept of La Cigale (over in Parnell) and we chose to attend a dinner performance. Great concept where you order your mains when you book. Our night it was rotisserie chicken or La Cigale’s version of cassolet. Our table of 8 were not very adventurous and went chicken 6 v cassolet 2 but on the night one switched to the cassolet. Another great feature is they cater for large tables/parties of 8 or 10 – there has to be 7 or 8 of the large tables.

Great big tables for family occasions

Great big tables for family occasions

It’s like sitting in a large French market and you can shop while you wait – there’s an impressive range of (French) wines on sale (to drink in or takeaway).Entrée was choice of two: Seasonal platter 6 v snails 2 (the snails were yummy)

Try them, you'll love them

Try them, you’ll love them

The mains choice was La Cigale’s take on the traditional cassolet with duck, pork and Toulouse sausage (good place to try it for the first time) or rotisserie chicken with stuffing served with jus and a lovely garlic aioli.

And the puddings were sticky fig & date pudding with butterscotch sauce or white chocolate & ricotta. The fig was a “crunchy” addition to the trad. sdp – I really enjoyed it.

Forgot to take the photo before tucking in - so scrummy

Forgot to take the photo before tucking in – so scrummy

So the venturing outside Ponsonby was well worth the effort. I love the authentique French feel of La Cigale. Give it a go and make sure you try the snails. www.lacigale.co.nz

And by the way, Deb & I are off to London this Sunday and our travels will include a week in Paris. So I’ll be blogging from sunny Europe with a bit of luck!!



One response to “VOP – La Cigale “a touch of France on our doorstep”

  1. Ok Geoff,I am now in New York and eating eating eating at the most marvellous places….tonight at a restaurant called Locanda Verde owned by Robert de Nero …it was fabulous, tho we were warned the tiramisu was like an Ice cream sundae but plate
    after plate of superb Italian food thought you’ve got to be kidding!!!! We didnt finish it !!!!!! The rest we were licking the plates!!!!! We luv New York! Last night it was French and tomorrow night it’s another Italian place ……used to be an old Mafia hangout where the mafia sat at round tables but only in places where their backs were against the wall!!!!!!! Me????? If I keep this eating up I’ll be under the table with eating fatigue!!!!!
    But lots of walking during the day…like into the NY public library…sounds ordinary but exta ordinary……old old old beautiful unbelievably historic and still working !!!!
    Have fun in gay Paris !!!!

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