Mexico invades Ponsonby – and we can’t wait

But I’m a step ahead of myself. We had a family dinner at Mexico Takapuna last night. What fun we had and the food was well, mexican and yummy. We were a party of 10 so were able to do the $30 per head set menu. The food started coming and kept coming – pickled vegetables and house made corn chips n salsa to be washed down with the first margaritas and sangria. Then through the fried chicken (leaves the Colonel for dead), corn, leek & quinoa croqueta, beef skirt & potato skewers and awesome quesadillas before the individual orders of soft shell tacos – pork belly for me of course with others having the fish, chicken and crispy squid – all were scrummy. And finally, a selection of shared salads. Boy what a feed as we used to say in the old days haha.

We’d taken our own dessert – a birthday cake which the very helpful staff popped some candles onto and presented at just the right moment for Deb. It capped a fun night in a great setting with tasty food – hard to beat.


They’ve done a great job in setting up this very authentic mexican experience and now they’re coming to Ponsonby – this month – just along from Juliette Hogan. Can’t wait.


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