Kate & Marilyn rock together

Went to an awesome fashion show last night at Golden Dawn organised by Murray & the team at Showroom22 where Kate Sylvester showed her latest range inspired by the late great MM. Marilyn died in 1962 so I figured that based on the demographics in the room last night I was the only one born then – by a long shot haha. So I grew up being aware of the magic that was Marilyn.

Lee Strasberg, her acting teacher, said about Marilyn…. “she had a luminous quality. A combination of wistfulness, radiance, and yearning that set her apart and made everyone wish to be part of it – to share in the childish naiveté which was at once so shy and yet so vibrant”.

I don’t know much about fashion but I thought Kate captured this essence brilliantly in both her designs and the choreography of the show. I loved it all.

And amongst all the excellent music complementing the show the DJ managed to play a couple of oldies that I knew the words to. Apologies to those around me for my loud singing but it was all such a blast and I got carried away!!

Just the one photo I’m afraid, but older blokes like me have to be circumspect about snapping young women!!


Bring on Fashion Week and watch out for Stolen Girlfriends next Wednesday night.


2 responses to “Kate & Marilyn rock together

  1. Loved the ‘air vent’ concept – and girls looked fantastic. Another great collection from a NZ fashion legend

  2. Poncentric makes me wild. Love it.

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