A marriage made in heaven – Supreme and Little & Friday

What a joy it was today for Oli and I to go to Good One Café at 42 Douglas Street to not only have the best coffee in town but also to feast my eyes on their new range of goodies from Little & Friday. They’ve always been a friendly bunch at Good One and of course Sam is up for the Metro Barista of the Year. VOTE NOW

So much choice, so few calories allowed!

Anyway back to the treats and of course top of the list is the L&F doughnut. It is the best of the best – stuffed full of custard and jam.

They don't get better than this!

They don’t get better than this!

For those of us trying to do the 5 + 2 diet (yes I am so no LOL please) I’ve just blown my low calorie day in one bite. But worth it, as it’s so divine. Oli loved them as well.


As you will see from the photo there are other gorgeous goodies as well. Not to mention the yummy pies and toasted sarnies from the normal menu.

And to cap things off Good One Café are doing some renovations from Oct 7th to 12th so the space will be even better for the great range of products and services they provide. I understand coffee will still be served during the renovations

And finally I am so pleased with the new menu offerings as I don’t need to VOP to Newmarket to get my L&F doughnut.

Spring is here, summer fast approaching, life is good.


6 responses to “A marriage made in heaven – Supreme and Little & Friday

  1. yummm!

  2. Nana always loved her pie and doughnut, we often got her a pie from L & F,Newmarket,like mother ,like son Geoff, and obviously Oli is carrying on the family tradition. RIP Mum.

  3. Went in this morning, the lemon loaf is also really good!

  4. Another awesome post! Looking forward to trying this one out after the renovations are done.
    Love those doughnuts. Glad they have a place to get them in ponsonby now!

  5. Another cool blog post.
    Now that I work just up the West Lynn end of Richmond Road, I’m learning about all the awesome coffee and cafe’s to visit.

    Keep up the good work Geoff!

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