Mexico is here; Mimi you are a star

Mexico Ponsonby had it’s opening last night and was it a blast. Located just a few doors along from Juliette Hogan at 164 Ponsonby Rd it is a most welcome addition to the Ponsonby restaurant/bar scene adding a dimension that hitherto was missing from the local offerings.

Mimi and her team have done a fantastic job in creating the “Mexico” look in a smaller space and it works so well.

Anyway opening night saw the young and young turn out in force plus me – although I did find one other person in my demographic haha.

I arrived to be greeted by the bouncer (the omnipresent Matt Williams who I’ve known for all his life).  So far so good. Mimi in the background as it turns out.


However I didn’t reckon with the second line of defence, Uh oh as Oli would say.

“Oi you. I don’t recall your name being on the list?” says Mimi.


She didn’t really but it makes for a laugh. She was actually saying “Rebecca where are you”.

Those margaritas were to die for and I thought that’s what I was going to do after a couple of those babies – phew. The finger food was divine – especially that fried chicken – can’t get enough of that.


Mind you for a moment there I thought I was at Dizengoff when the Dizzies arrived. Jackie and Calla in shot; Troy and Dan not in shot.

Diz crew

Things were obviously starting to hot up at this stage so it was time for me to say buenas noches and wander off home.

Thanks for a great night Mimi and crew – can’t wait to go back for the full menu treatment.



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