YQ for sweet brioche at Ripe

So I’ve started with what I thought was a funny headline. Now I have to make sense of it! So there are three parts to this.

YQ is a great new app that means you can order remotely from a favourite store and then pick up. In this case it’s Ripe my local coffee shop/deli. I place my order for a coffee and sweet brioche on my phone. Then I walk 50 metres from my house to Ripe and by the time I get there the coffee and brioche are ready and paid for – the app automatically charges my Visa! Cool eh. There are lots of Ponsonby/Grey Lynn food and coffee outlets listed on YQ. Go for it – it’s convenient and fun. Although you do get some funny looks from people waiting for their order – “oi how come he’s getting his coffee before us”!

Oh and Ripe’s berry & white chocolate brioches are the BEST


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