Supreme: Just when you thought it couldn’t get better

It’s always been the go to place for great coffee but now Supreme/Good One Café at 42 Douglas Street Ponsonby has gone one better. Closed recently for a revamp the space has exploded to create a setting where (in their words) “the focus has moved from cafe to coffee with a specific brew bar and retail space taking centre stage”.

I was in there on the first day of the new look and it certainly impresses on first sight. I went in the old entrance…(apologies for photo quality – still haven’t quite mastered the iPhone camera – wish I could get them as good as

Old entrance

Old entrance

Instead of the new entrance

New entrance

New entrance

And was confronted with this. Big wow factor here. And the old communal table is still there you’ll be pleased to know.

photo 5

And this

photo 1

But wait there’s more

photo 3

Absolutely transformed and looking good. And still the same great team to provide the best coffee drinking experience in Auckland!! Other than Diz of course haha.

Good one Good One!




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  1. Ponsonby News should sign you up

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