Andiamo: an oldie but a very goodie

It’s a while since we’ve been to Andiamo at 194 Jervois Rd Herne Bay. It’ll be a much shorter time before we go again. We had a lovely brunch there last Sunday. I did a quick google search before hand to check out the menu. Deb doesn’t like to do this – she likes the surprise of opening the menu and discovering all the good stuff there and then. I’m a Virgo so I like to peruse the offering in advance. Actually Deb’s a Virgo too!!! Oh well each to their own.

Anyway they have a wonderful Weekend Brunch menu.

I had the LAMB KIDNEYS sautéed with mushrooms and bacon, cream seeded mustard sauce, with toasted five grain. Absolutely divine.

The others had the MEDITERRANEAN TOAST – ciabatta with Manuka honey smoked bacon or smoked salmon, avocado, roasted vine tomatoes, basil pesto and fresh parmigiano. They said it was great.

Photos? Well actually I forgot, in my enthusiasm to get started, and only remembered after I’d finished. It was like a demolition derby!!

So the photo below is slightly gross but testimony to the delicious food served at this fine establishment. Something they’ve been doing for an amazing 29 years.


The service was professional, friendly and attentive. It’s a great spot for weekend brunch and competitively priced in case you were thinking that it might be a bit pricey. And it’s MUCH better than most of the other eating places on the strip. Very much a cut above.

I loved it and will be back soon. I might try the savoury mince next time!



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